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At Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation, we offer a variety of legal services including injury law services, brain injury legal services, and injury legal advice among several areas related to personal injury to all our Toronto-based clients as well as those from other parts of Canada in general.

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Why consider Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation

As a personal injury law firm that has operated in Toronto, Ontario and other parts of Canada in general, we boast of the unmatched experience in personal injury law. Our dedicated personal injury lawyers are not only experienced but also knowledgeable in helping all our clients with their unique cases.

With our seasoned personal injury lawyers, as a client, you have a lot to learn from the free consultation offered any time you wish. By listening to you and drawing the facts of your case, our personal injury lawyers will explain all relevant options available for you to pursue your case such that you can make the right decision based on the advice given. All our esteemed personal injury lawyers are dedicated to offering the most excellent legal service you deserve at your time of need.

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Do not wait

Any personal injury case has its own filing time limits hence the need to act promptly to seek legal advice on how to go about any personal injury case.

In any case, it is recommendable to seek medical help immediately after you are involved in an accident then later contacting a personal injury lawyer before speaking to anybody else; not even the insurance company that may try to speak to you asking more details about the accident. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers will work hard to protect your rights as you get the peace of mind to focus on your recovery.

Following an accident, the last thing you want should be troubling your mind with legal issues while facing off with the insurance company’s tactical and clever lawyers who will use any word you utter against you when defending their client. This, in one way or another, may affect the value of your claim and eventually the amount allocated to you as compensation.

The bottom line as regards to PI lawyer is simply talking to the right personal injury law firm. In this case, Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation and you will have the instruction on the various steps required when pursuing your personal injury case.