Involved in a Personal Injury Accident in Ontario?

Have you or your loved one been recently involved in a personal injury accident in Ontario? Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers at Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation has more twenty years of experience handling different cases related to personal injury accidents.

Highly reputable and respected personal injury lawyers you can rely on

For the 20+ years that we have been serving accident victims across Ontario, our personal injury law firm has grown to become one of the most trusted law firms to provide accident victims with the best legal advice as well as represent them when their cases get to trial before a judge or jury. All personal injury cases including slip and fall accident, dog bite, auto accident, product liability, medical malpractice and brain injury among others will be easily dealt with by a team that will be assigned to your case. Our lawyers and paralegals are dedicated to working on your behalf and truly recognize that your case is unique and should be handled in a personalized manner.

At the very first stage where you come to our firm for consultation, which is free of charge, you get to understand how we operate and the various options available when dealing with your case. Your well-being is our concern and for that reason, working closely to you to ensure the person who acted in a negligent or reckless manner leading to the accident and injuries thereafter is held liable and needed to cater for the damages.

Our Ontario personal injury lawyers work around the clock in evaluating the facts of your case, gathering relevant evidence to help them in crafting a compelling personal injury claim to help in recovering the compensation necessary to get your life back on track.

Immediately you or your loved one is involved in an accident, let us be the first to be informed so that we can schedule a consultation in our offices, or come to wherever you are in case you are not able to come to us. We understand the complexity of various personal injury cases especially to those that have little understanding of the legal procedures involved. For this reason, we offer to help you through every step of the process to ensure you are fully and fairly compensated for the injuries and damages resulting from the accident.

We will start by letting you understand your rights and responsibilities then allow you to have the peace of mind as you focus on your recovery while we handle the legal processes. It will be our duty to regularly communicate to you to inform you of the updates and goings-on in the case.

Do not wait; seek legal help as soon as possible

No matter the kind of accident you may have been involved in you need to seek legal help immediately to guide you through the recovery process. Our team of professional Ontario personal injury lawyers has handled quite a number of challenging and complicated cases not only in Ontario but also beyond. We understand that your case is unique and we will treat it as such. Right from the moment, you have a consultation with us and our professional lawyers look into the facts of your case, the burden shifts to us to ensure all facts of the case are evaluated, compelling evidence is gathered and that the claim is well present before the judge or jury. Besides, we help you to make up your decisions by advising you and giving you all possible options available for you to proceed with your case. Do not limit your chances of compensation by waiting too long until the set time limits are over, do it as soon as you can and the help of professional Ontario personal injury lawyers at Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation will always come in handy.

Focus on what is important as a personal injury victim

The pain, suffering and other damages following an accident can be so overwhelming at times. You are already worried about the serious medical problems and injuries as a result of an accident that you were involved in; legal matters as related to your case should add up to challenging times you are going through.

Hiring a Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation personal injury lawyer to handle the complex process of filing injury claims, collecting evidence and following up with insurance companies will take the burden off your shoulders giving you the peace of mind you need to recover. There is so much on the line for any Ontario personal injury victim that you cannot afford to dismiss or ignore.

The opportunity to recover sufficient compensation for the injuries sustained fully depends on your opportunity to take action as soon as possible with the help of dedicated professional personal injury attorneys in Ontario. With the thousands of cases that we have handled in the past successfully, you can count on our services and be assured of the best results.

Selecting the right Ontario personal injury lawyer

When choosing the best Ontario personal injury lawyers to pursue your case, you must have some pointers in mind;

  • The personal injury lawyers’ experience
  • Their area of specialization
  • The cost of service and their payment system
  • The specific areas of personal injury law where they have the highest expertise.

You can easily tell the right personal injury lawyer or company from the very first consultation you have with the lawyers. Inquisitive, concerned lawyers always turn out to be the best as try to exhaust all facts of your case to ensure it because easy when pursuing it in a court of law.

Our lawyers at Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation are always available 24/7 through the company’s injury support line thus providing legal services on the go whenever and wherever needed. Give us a call immediately you are involved in an accident, even before talking to the insurance companies and you will be guided on the best way forward respective to filing and pursuing your case for a favorable compensation that you deserve.