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When one person wrongs another one intentionally or by an act of negligence, the injured party is entitled to seek compensation. In Canada, any wrongful act that is considered criminal such as battery, assault or harassment of any kind, the case is handled under criminal law and tried by the crown lawyer who is a representative of the government.

However, it can be noted that not all wrongdoings can be considered as criminal even if one person is responsible for hurting another. Such cases as road accidents are actually tried in a civil court and a crown lawyer is not a factor in the cases. Both parties involved in the case will thus be required to hire a Woodstock personal injury lawyer to represent them.

At Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation, our skilled and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers will help you with practical support and professional guidance needed when pursuing compensation for the injuries sustained following an accident.

Statutes of limitation

This is the amount of time you are allowed to file a lawsuit following an accident. In Woodstock, the statute of limitation on personal injury cases is 2 years from the date of accident or injury. There is, however, an exception to the same in case the accident victim is a minor who wishes to wait until he/she is above 18 years for them to file a lawsuit. In such a case, the minors are allowed until two years after their 18th birthday. However in the event, the minor’s guardian decides to file the case, the normal statute of limitation will apply.

Elements of a personal injury case

In order for an accident victim to be compensated, a lawsuit has to be filed and a number of elements put in place to guarantee the case will be valid. Some of the elements include;

  • One person has duty of care to another
  • That duty of care has been breached
  • That breach has caused injuries to another party

These are the elements to be considered in determining whether the lawsuit being filed is valid or not. Unless these three elements are proved then there might be no case, to begin with. It is for this reason that immediately you are injured in an accident and believe it was due to another person’s negligence, you seek professional legal help from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

The purpose of getting professional legal help on personal injury matters is simply to allow you to focus on recovery while the crucial part of filing a lawsuit seeking your compensation is professionally handled by an expert personal injury lawyer.

Before you file a lawsuit against the person at-fault, it is crucial to first understand your rights as a Woodstock resident and the applicable laws on a number of circumstances. Unfortunately, not all of us have expert legal knowledge to understand how everything is done when it comes to personal injury cases. Working with an experienced and specialized personal injury lawyer in Woodstock will, therefore, boost your chances of getting maximum compensation that you truly deserve.

Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation’ personal injury lawyers have been working for over twenty years with a record of great success that has earned the law firm a name as one of the leading law firms in Canada. Not even the most complex or challenging personal injury case cannot e handled by these specialized lawyers.

Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation’s team of specialized professional personal injury lawyers offer legal services across the entire Ontario including Woodstock hence ready to hold your hand any moment you are faced with the misfortunes of an accident. All manner of lawsuits related to car accidents, dog bite injuries, tort claims, medical malpractice, defective products and brain and spinal cord injuries among others can be effectively represented to ensure the injured person gets the maximum compensation.

Contacting a personal Woodstock injury lawyer

Any moment you or your loved one have been injured due to another person’s negligence, it is important to contact Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation and talk to the professional personal injury lawyers available for various services including but not limited to;

  • Wrongful death litigation
  • Tort claims
  • Product liability claims
  • Bicycle accident lawyers
  • Medical malpractice lawyers
  • Motor vehicle accident lawyers
  • Boating accident lawyers
  • Insurance dispute settlement

These and many other personal injury lawyers services are all meant to help you to get the compensation you deserve. As experienced personal injury lawyers in Woodstock, you can rest assured your case is in good hands and that the lawyers and paralegals handling your case will go to any extent in collecting evidence, preparing the legal paperwork and presenting the case in the best was possible while tackling the tactical arguments from the defenders’ lawyers so as to guarantee a proper and favorable compensation.

Our Woodstock office is open for any accident victim to access and seek legal retribution but if the injuries sustained can’t allow you to come, then our dedicated legal experts will come to you. We offer free consultation as well as pursue the case without putting undue pressure on your side for upfront payments or hourly rates until the case is won in your favor.