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Accidents may happen anytime, even at the least expected moments and when they do, a number of questions come to mind; who will I hold responsible for the damages? Who will pay for my medical bills as well as damages caused on my properties? How much is my claim worth? And how do I go about the process of filing for compensation?

These queries immediately strike a point in your mind; without the help of an experienced Scarborough personal injury lawyer, the whole process is likely to overwhelm you. With the help of an experienced accident lawyer or any other specialized lawyer based on the type of injury and cause, you will be able to understand your legal rights protected under Ontarian Law to protect the victims suffering serious injuries because of the negligence or act of recklessness of another person.

Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Scarborough therefore, ensures action is taken against the party for the injuries and damages.

Common personal injury claims

In order for you to get compensated, you must be able to prove negligence and injury caused by another person. In fact, whether the injuries and damages caused were intentional or not, you are entitled to seek compensation. Among the most common personal injury cases include;

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Automobile accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability/ defective product injuries
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Birth injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • ATV accidents

Following an accident

The following are the recommendable steps to take to enhance and ensure your personal injury case runs smoothly;

1. Collect any evidence you can, including photos and videos of the accident scene, medical records, police report, damaged property including clothing and electronic gadgets like phones and laptops.

2. Seek medical care immediately as you keep record of all appointments while following to the latter the various recommendations by the doctor.

3. Preserve all material evidence including bills and receipts related to the accident and injuries sustained and proof of loss of work or employment opportunities.

4. Prepare a journal where you document everything about your injuries including how they feel, the pain levels and how the injuries or pain affect your daily life.

5. Seek legal advice from experienced Scarborough personal injury lawyers to help you in reviewing your case for free. At Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation, we do the same and always ready to answer to your various questions as well as explain to you all possible options available for financial recovery.

6. Never give a recorded statement to your insurance company. Insurance adjusters are always keen to sport any slight mistake to use it in refuting your claim.

7. Never sign any settling offers without seeking the opinion of a renowned Scarborough personal injury lawyer. Sometimes, insurance companies would like to blindfold with a speedily processed compensation which you will probably come to realize was far below what you deserved.

8. Always act promptly when taking a legal action because time for filing is limited with some cases having deadlines as short as 30 days.

9. Never manage your case without a professional opinion. There is actually no room for mistakes since a single mistake can potentially ruin the entire case for good thus barring you from accessing compensation for damages.

Types of damages

When filing a claim for compensation, the claim is directly pointing out on the major damages caused as a result of the accident. Acting quickly in protecting your rights with the help of an experienced Scarborough personal injury lawyer, keeping detailed records of the damages and loss and remaining patient will help in increasing the chances of securing a higher compensation.

Among the types of damages include;

  • Economic/ special/monetary damages- these may include medical expenses, loss of income, medical devices, transport expenses, housekeeping services and repairs among many others. These can be quantified using the receipts and bills as kept safe for reference when needed.
  • Non-economic/general or non-monetary damages- these include intangible emotional and psychological harms like loss of enjoyment, disfigurement and pain and suffering.
  • Punitive damages- this applies in cases where the defendant’s actions are considered to have been malicious, oppressive and high handed.

Having operated in Ontario and Scarborough for over twenty years, Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation’s personal injury lawyers understand what it takes to have a perfect claim following an accident. Our lawyers have handled a number of personal injury cases and successfully secured significant compensations for our clients.

Contacting a personal injury lawyer

Ontario may be known for a variety of professional legal firms from which you can seek legal representation for your personal injury case. Despite the many choices you have, various qualities set different Scarborough personal injury lawyers apart from one another. At Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation, you can be guaranteed of undivided attention you deserve, offer free, no-obligation consultation and above all don’t charge even a single penny until the case is determined and settled in your favor. Our contingency fee agreement ensures that you only pay after experiencing positive results in your case. Let us help you get the justice and restitution you deserve, talk to one of our personal injury lawyers at talk to Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation.