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Even the slightest of accidents as result of other people’s negligence can cause personal injuries that sooner or later may become overwhelming. Some of the consequences of personal injuries may include, pain and suffering, impaired mobility, extremely high medical bills and other injury related expenses which together may become a burden that you cannot bear leave alone the lost income while away from work!

In case another person’s negligence or act of recklessness contributed to the cause of your injuries, then you have every right to seek compensation. Even though many people can argue that no amount of material compensation can be truly equitable to the pain and suffering as a result of the injuries sustained, the amount awarded could at least help in covering the medical and other injury-related expenses and cater for the bills and lost income among other things while you recover.

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer will therefore help a great deal in pursuing your accident injury case. Consult with a renowned Orangeville personal injury lawyer today to help you explore the various options available for you to seek compensation and learn how to go about every step of the process.

Why you should hire our Orangeville personal injury lawyers

The steps to take in seeking compensation after being involved in an accident can be really overwhelming. Considering what you should be going through as you nurse the pain and suffering, legal issues and processes should be the last thing in your mind. However, such legal issues and other things like insurance disputes surrounding various personal injuries including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, motor vehicle accidents, brain and spinal cord injuries, slip and fall accidents and dog bites among others need to be dealt with as soon as possible so as to meet the Orangeville legal requirements of filing for accident compensation claim within a specific time frame.

Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer that has served in Orangeville for some time and earned the trust and respect of previous clients. Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation has the most respected and renowned personal injury lawyers who are capable of taking on even the most complex or challenging injury cases and guarantee the best outcome.

Personal injury claims

Personal injury claims are usually filed by the injured person against the party believed to have caused or contributed to the accident and harm. For the case of wrongful death, any family member is entitled to file a lawsuit. The specific lawsuit to be filed actually depends with the type of injury sustained or the factors that contributed to the same. Some of the examples include;

  • Torn tendons and ligaments suffered as a result of slip and fall accident or hazardous staircase
  • Spinal injury suffered in a pedestrian accident
  • Reduced mobility due to a medical malpractice involving a faulty hip implant
  • Laceration and infection caused by dog bites
  • Cerebral palcy caused by improper medical procedure during labor

These are just but a few of the examples of personal injury claims you can file depending with the cause of your accident and the type of injuries sustained. The bottom line of any personal injury case is seeking professional legal help as you concentrate on your recovery. Finding the right professional personal injury lawyer Orangeville will therefore play a critical role in ensuring your rights are protected and that you get full and fair compensation that you deserve.

In case you are not able to make to our Orangeville offices, our dedicated personal injury lawyers will come to you, evaluate your case, collect evidence including witness information, taking photos, and writing down the chronology of events that led to the accident then preserving the evidence for presentation when needed during trial.

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Get the best legal counsel from our highly experienced personal injury lawyers at Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation today and you will never have to worry about the complexities of legal procedures involved to get compensated. You do not need to come with any money or fear high hourly rates charged by some personal injury law firms around. We help our clients to pursue the case for free till they are compensated before we apply the contingency fee agreement that requires you to pay a specific percentage of the amount recovered as set out in the agreement. Otherwise, if the case is lost, you owe us nothing!