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When it comes to personal injury law in North York, response within restricted time limits is a major point of concern. In fact, you need to act with speed so that you file your case within the stipulated time frames. However, you must first learn and understand your rights. To do this, call Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation for a free consultation and case evaluation. Our seasoned personal injury attorneys will then advise you on the best possible options available in pursuing your case.

Schedule a free consultation and case evaluation today with our experienced personal injury lawyers and you can be guaranteed of the best legal help ever. In case you are not able to make it to our North York offices, our dedicated lawyers and paralegals will come to you. Of course you do not need to worry yourself about legal costs as we offer our services for free until the case is determined in your favor and that a favorable compensation is awarded.

Why you should align yourself with our personal injury lawyers

For over 20 years of service delivery to Ontarians and the people, we have risen to become the most trusted North York personal injury law firm that handles all accident cases with a lot of professionalism and expertise they deserve so that our clients can be favorably compensated to get their lives back on track after sustaining serious injuries.

As stated earlier, unlike other personal injury law firms we do not request for any upfront payment or hourly rates. We take up your case and make it our priority to ensure evidence is gathered, proper filing is done, and the case is well presented and professionally litigated to prove that another person was directly liable for the injuries sustained.

We understand that Ontario’s car insurance laws allow someone to get compensation for the injuries sustained following an accident regardless of who was at fault but we never stop there. In case there is a third party who is believed to be directly liable for the accident, we work hard to ensure you are entitled to additional damages through a third part personal injury claim. With us therefore, you can sit pretty sure of the best outcome from your claim.

Proving liability

If you ask any personal injury lawyer out there, they will confirm to you that the most complicated part in any personal injury case is in proving liability. However, with the help of our highly experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers, we will be able to build a strong case that will prove the four elements necessary in proving liability;

  • Prove that the defendant owed you a duty of care
  • Prove that the defendant was negligent in not exercising that care or acted in a reckless manner
  • Prove that the plaintiff indeed suffered injuries either physical or psychological because of the defendant’s negligence or act of recklessness
  • Prove that the plaintiff suffered other damages related to the injuries

It is quite important to understand that insurance companies are never ready to award as much compensation as you want without a fight! They normally hire highly experienced and tactical lawyers who will defend claims by building a strong case and argument to refute any or all of the above elements, this way, you may be denied the compensation or awarded a small amount than you actually deserve.

Some of the tricks and tactics employed by the defendants’ lawyers include;

  • Proving that the defendant was not negligent and in any case their negligence had nothing to do with the accident.
  • Prove that even if the plaintiff suffered injuries, the injuries are minor and could not cause significant physical or psychological or financial effects.
  • Prove that the plaintiff also played a role in causing the accident or exacerbating their injuries. This is usually referred to as contributory fault. In case you have knowledgeable and expert lawyers who understand these tricks and tactics, then you might be preparing yourself for insignificant compensation if at all you will be granted

At Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation, our North York personal injury lawyers work with other professional experts like case investigators, accident reconstruction experts and professional witnesses who will help to get the crucial facts to be used in establishing the case and that the defendants’ lawyers will find difficult to refute.

What role will you play in enhancing your personal injury claim?

While we handle the legal aspects of the case, you will also need to do a few things that will affect the determination of the case in one way or another.

First, seek medical care so that you can recover from the sustained injuries. In this case, do not forget to keep a proper record of all the expenses and costs incurred in either treatment or rehabilitation care.

In the course of case presentation, direct all communication related to the case to the assigned professional personal injury lawyer. This should include all communication intended by the involved insurance company. Some of these companies would try to lure you into accepting an agreed amount of compensation that might actually be lower than what you actually deserve.

Save everything related to the case including the clothing, damaged products from the accident such as phones, laptops etc, doctor records and all insurance documents including the emails sent to you. All these may be crucial when building the case and calculating the fair amount of compensation.

Contacting a personal injury lawyer

Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation is known as the leading personal injury lawyer in North York. We handle personal injury cases on a contingency fees basis meaning that we never seek payment before the case is determined and that you have been allocated a fair compensation.

We guarantee that all the damages of your personal injury case will be compensated appropriately. All medical expenses, past and future income losses, property damages, ongoing rehabilitation and care costs among other costs associated with housekeeping and home maintenance need to be well catered for in the compensation. This can only be achieved by allowing professionally experienced and knowledgeable accident and personal injury lawyers.

Schedule your appointment now and you will not have to worry about the complexities of handling a personal injury case. Let us help you as you focus on your recovery.