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Injuries resulting from motorcycle, motor vehicle and bike accidents among other forms of accidents can potential impact negatively on one’s life. At Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation, we understand the magnitude the effects of a life-changing accident. We are offering a hand to help you to overcome the overwhelming challenges you are going through.

Our professional and experienced Hamilton personal injury lawyers have been operating in the area for over the last 20 years. During this period, they have handled so many cases each unique in its own way but managed to successfully represent our clients and came out with positive results. Your case can as well become part of our success stories as our experienced personal injury lawyers favorably present your case, protect you and your family rights and effectively fight for your full and fair compensation that you are entitled to.

Why you should consider hiring our personal injury lawyers

For the many years we have served many clients within and outside Hamilton, Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation has gained a lot of trust and respect making us to be one of the leading personal injury law firms offering steadfast representation that yield positive results.

By contacting our Hamilton offices or giving us a call, one of our experienced personal injury lawyers will be able to guide you through the various legal aspects of your case providing crucial legal counsel and advising on all possible options available in pursuing your case. Our lawyers and paralegals are extremely good in both trial and out-of-court settlements and will therefore advice on the best possible option based on the nature of your case. Our main purpose in your case is simply to represent your concerns and needs and above all fight for the accident benefits you and your loved ones are entitled to.

With Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation, you are entitled to a free consultation and evaluation of your case as well us having your case pursued to determination without asking for a single penny. We work based on a contingency agreement whereby you will be requested to pay a specific percentage of the settlement once the case is won. We understand you are already going through a lot of stress and wish to lessen the burden for you by not asking for upfront or hourly payments like many of our competitors do. We come clean and this should clearly indicate that we are here to help you rather than get money from you.

Our fundamental principle is helping people, you are our family!

At Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation, all personal and accident injury lawyers work diligently with your well-being as the top priority. We therefore strive hard to ensure our

Hamilton clients get the best means possible to get compensated while their recovery is held as top priority.

Injury lawyers areas of expertise

For the last 20+ years that Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation, our expert lawyers have managed to offer the best legal assistance to all clients in Hamilton dealing with cases related to personal injury. Among the many areas of practice includes but not limited to;

  • Slip and fall accident claims
  • Motor vehicle accident claims
  • Bicycle accident claims
  • Pedestrian accident claims
  • Motorcycle accident claims
  • Tort claims
  • Dog bites
  • Product liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Disability benefit claims
  • Insurance disputes, boating accident claims
  • Brain and spinal cord injury

Having personal injury as our centre of focus, all our lawyers and paralegals are specialized in specific areas of expertise thus capable of offering definitive capabilities and comprehensive legal representation needed to ensure fair and maximum compensation for the injuries sustained.

Are you a resident of Hamilton, Ontario and seeking personal injury legal help? Do not look further than our Toronto-based personal injury law firm, Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation.

Contact us now for the highest level of personal injury legal service

While having your interest at heart, we only seek to help you absolutely for free until the case is determined in your favor. We guarantee if the case is lost, then you owe us nothing. That is based on our contingency agreement mode of operation which doesn’t demand for upfront or hourly payments which many of our competitors apply.

We boast having taken the top slot in the ranking of the best personal injury law firms in Hamilton and Canada at large. Our professional experts are confident in their ability to obtain the maximum possible compensation for which you are entitled to. All our lawyers and paralegals work as a team to ensure the case is looked into from all perspectives and the best options available taken into account before advising on the way forward in rebuilding your life after an accident.