Toronto Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal cord injury is one of the most devastating kinds of injury anyone can sustain. In Canada, close to 100,000 people are suffering from traumatic spinal cord injury and more likely to add up on a yearly basis. Each of the cases is unique thus demand for a customized type of treatment plan, rehabilitation facilities and above all unique financial compensation to ensure their loved ones do not strain during these difficult times.

Da Silva Legal Services professional Corporation is one of the leading Canadian personal injury law firm that is committed to ensuring all personal injury victims and their families get the support they need and the respect they deserve as they go through recovery from injuries sustained in various types of accidents including motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, motor vehicle accidents, ATV accidents, bicycle accidents and boating accidents among many others resulting to severe injuries including spinal cord injury.

We are proud to have served many people in Toronto and across Canada as a whole for over 20 years providing them with the necessary counsel related to brain and spinal cord injury. Our experienced top notch lawyers are experienced in various aspects of personal injury litigation thus guaranteeing the best possible outcomes especially when it comes to compensation that will ensure a spinal cord injury victim leads a normal life.

As we all know, there were recent provincial government budget cuts to benefits related to motor vehicle accidents. What this means is more risk to drivers and road users in general with less compensation in the event that you are involved in an accident. In such a scenario therefore, to obtain maximum and fair compensation possible, you need an experienced and skilled professional spinal cord injury lawyer.

In case you or your family member has been involved in any type of accident such as motor vehicle, bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, boating or slip and fall accidents that resulted in serious spinal cord injury, Toronto’s leading personal injury law firm, Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation can step in to help provide seasoned professional legal experts to provide timely access to medical care, expert legal advice and effective representation to guarantee maximum compensation and peace of mind.

Determining compensation and filing spinal cord injury claims

In order to determine compensation for spinal cord injuries, our spinal cord injury lawyers, work together with other professional experts like medical care experts who diagnose and provide the best treatment for the trauma caused as a result of the injuries sustained. Usually, the severity and location of damage, possible complications, physical harm and cost of treatment are put into consideration when calculating compensation. Though it is quite difficult to evaluate in monetary value the suffering and trauma caused by spinal cord injuries, our lawyers will look into providing the best possible financial help to help in clearing the medical bills and other necessary therapy costs as well as rehabilitation costs before working out on the lost income while nursing injuries.

Contact a spinal cord injury lawyer

In any spinal cord injury case, our seasoned spinal cord injury lawyers understand exactly what it takes to stay home in agony and suffering while accessing the best health care service available. By working with other professionals who can help you with managing the effects of spinal cord injuries and related conditions, our professional personal injury lawyers help in determining your compensation and above all take part in the tedious process of filing for personal injury benefits as well as filing for tort claims in case another person’s negligence resulted in the accident leading to spinal cord damage.

Remember, spinal cord injuries can also be categorized under catastrophic injuries, the same case as chronic pain, blood pressure, severe back pain and paralysis among others. Pursuing legal compensation of these injuries can be tough and time consuming. In order to get the best help for compensation, it would be ideal to talk to a professional personal injury lawyer who will advice on the various options available for pursue. we are opening up opportunities for spinal cord injury victims to get the best possible treatment to ensure they recover at last and above all guide them through the legal complexities to ensure they are fully and fairly compensated.