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Canada is usually known as a home for various winter sports ad exploration. Many people of different ages and gender are thrilled by these events, little do they think of possible dangers they are facing. Snowmobiling is one such a pastime that many Canadians love hence thousands and thousands of Canadians taking part through the scenic pathways of Ontario each year during the winter season.

Sadly, a number of riders are reportedly severely injured each time this happens. Most of the riders are even said to sustain their injuries as a result of negligence of other riders! If you happen to be one of the snowmobiling accident victims, then you are likely to get compensation provided you have a Toronto snowmobile accident lawyer on your side.

Statistics on snowmobile accidents

Statistical reports by Canadian Institute for Health Information illustrate some of the critical risks snowmobile riders face and why safety training and precautions are significant. For the several decades that have passed since the invention of the sport back in 1922, snowmobiling has gained popularity and more and more people getting registered every year. Currently, the number of snowmobilers stands at a whooping 600,000+ of legally registered Canadians!

From the same statistics, more than 50 snowmobile-related fatalities are reported each year in Ontario and Quebec alone and more than 1,200 injuries that require hospitalization! These numbers are huge and directly indicate the kind of dangers involved in the activity especially in the absence of caution, responsible operation on all participants and above all care for the victims of snowmobile accidents.

Key snowmobiling regulations

The Motorized Snow Vehicles Act recommends that all snowmobiles are insured just like any other automobile on the roads. Insurance policies in this case are therefore more or less the same as those issued to automobile owners. For this reason therefore, all snowmobile operators may qualify for snowmobile accident benefits and protection the same way a car owner can get compensated for the injuries sustained and losses incurred following a car accident. This may include statutory accident benefits and covered related to uninsured snowmobilers.

Common causes of snowmobile accidents

Snowmobiling can be really thrilling and fun especially when safe operation standards are observed and protective equipment used. However, certain factors may turn moments of pastime fun into moments of sorrow and pain. Among the many factors that may lead to snowmobiling accidents include;

  • Defective snowmobile vehicles, components and gear
  • Poorly maintained tracks
  • Use of alcohol and other drugs causing driver intoxication
  • Night time operation with limited visibility
  • Over-speeding

All these factors may result in severe injuries in case of a snowmobile accident as well as huge financial losses in terms of hospital bills, lost income and rehabilitation care among others.

In case of a snowmobile accident, snowmobilers are likely to sustain different kinds of injuries including but not limited to bone fractures, traumatic pain injuries, damages to internal body organs, damages to the spinal cord and in the worst case scenario, death.

Determining compensation

Snowmobiling accidents may result in different outcomes including permanent life-altering outcomes leaving victims suffering in pain and disability. Bearing these harsh realities in mind, it is imperative to seek help from a reputable and experienced Toronto personal injury lawyer to help you in pursuing your case and fighting tough legal battles with insurance company lawyers to ensure you get the kind of compensation you deserve.

The seasoned snowmobile accident lawyers will help in undertaking a deeper investigation into the facts of your case, interviewing witnesses, looking into all medical records and aligning with other professional experts like engineers and accident reconstruction experts so as to come up with concrete arguments to guarantee a positive outcome in your case. All the losses incurred are put into consideration when calculating and determining compensation. Some of the losses put into perspective may include;

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost relationships
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of financial support and care for the spouse and remaining dependants
  • Funeral costs in case of death
  • Physical pain
  • Reduced future earnings etc

Take action as soon as possible

The aftermath of a snowmobile accident is quite debilitating as victims suffer in agony while incurring a lot of expenses in medical care. During this time, the victims are not even able to pursue their cases on their own. Besides, the time limit for filing for a claim may be fast winding up making the whole process even more complicated than one can expect. It is for this reason

that a skilled snowmobile accident lawyer is obtained to proceed with pursuing the legal battles to see into it that they secure a fair financial compensation for you.

In the event you are involved in a snowmobile accident, it is crucial to undergo all necessary medical treatments and collecting all relevant documentation to support your case, taking photos to serve as evidence and contacting insurance providers as you build a concrete case based on the happenings leading to the accident and after. This is crucial in constructing a persuasive case indicating clearly the damages sustained and compensation needed.

Contact a professional personal injury law firm for help

If you are involved in a snowmobile accident and believe it was as a result of another person’s negligence, you have every right to seek compensation which may either be obtained from an insurance carrier or through a third party action against the party at fault. Our Toronto snowmobile accident lawyers perfectly understand what it takes to build a solid case with the necessary evidence and strong court arguments on your behalf to ensure you get maximum compensation following a snowmobile accident.

Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation is a well reputed and trusted personal injury law firm in Toronto with seasoned lawyers and paralegals that work on a contingency basis while helping you to get justice in your compensation. Let us be the first to come to your rescue and help you through every legal process till the end without a single penny in upfront payment. Our snowmobile accident lawyers will help you to explore all legal options available to guarantee maximum compensation.