Toronto Personal Injury Law Firm

After an accident, life can drastically change for the victims and their families. Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation, a personal injury law firm based in Toronto is open throughout to help you with legal representation to ensure you get the compensation you deserve so that you can get your life back on track after the accident. For over 20 years our lawyers have had their hands on personal injury cases, we can ascertain that no matter the complexities of your case, our highly esteemed team of personal injury lawyers will work closely with you to ensure you are compensated and able to lead a normal life despite the injuries sustained after an accident.

In the field of personal injury our lawyers handle a variety of cases including but not limited to car accidents, slip and fall accidents, accident benefits claims, motor cycle accidents, dog bites, wrongful death, product liability and bicycle accidents. With a clear success record in cases that our personal injury lawyers have handled, we have risen to be one of the most sought after personal injury law firm for various legal services involving personal injury.

We care about your well being

Every personal injury case is unique and different from any other. Our seasoned car accident lawyers, slip and fall lawyers and personal injury attorneys in general understand this fact and always work to ensure your well being is guaranteed. We understand the implications of an accident on personal life, family and community at large. For this reason, our team of experienced personal injury lawyers will tirelessly work to ensure you get access to proper medical and rehabilitation care possible as well as ensuring your family gets the necessary support they may need.

Personal injury cases can be quite complex and challenging. Unless you are an expert in the legal industry, we are sure you may face a number of challenges pursuing the case on your own. That is why we step in to offer the best possible help that will ensure you get maximum compensation that will get your life on track despite sustaining both physical and psychological injuries. Our Toronto personal injury lawyers customize case approaches based on proven strategies to cater for you unique needs and above all guide you through every step of the legal process explaining all legal terms and possible solutions to your case. With us, you can be sure of the best personal injury lawyers in Toronto and beyond. Your well being is always our first priority.

By assigning a dedicated team of personal injury lawyers to your case, you can be assured of undivided attention all through the legal process ensuring every aspect of your case is looked into and determined.

You don’t pay unless you are recovered

We understand the financial constrains that follow after an accident. For this reason, our personal injury lawyers offer to provide you with free case evaluation and consultation with no upfront payment required. After that we ensure that you get maximum compensation for the injuries sustained so that you can effectively rebuild your life after the accident. We do not intend to create an unnecessary financial burden on you by asking for hourly legal fees or upfront payment but rather work hard to ensure you get compensated for you to be able to pay. Above all, no Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation personal injury lawyer will charge you for the services until they win the case on your behalf and received the maximum compensation possible.

Personal injury services

At Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation, a team of Toronto’s top personal injury lawyers comes together to deal with various types of personal injury claims. The injuries may be as a result of car accidents, motor cycle accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall accidents among others leading to either physical or psychological injuries. No matter who is at fault in a car accident causing personal injury, just share your case with our lawyers who will guide you on the best legal option to take.

Some of the services our team of personal injury lawyers is ready to handle include;

  • Motor vehicle accident benefits
  • Accident benefits claim
  • Brain and spinal injury claims
  • Slip and fall injury claims
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Defective products claims

All our personal injury lawyers are proficient with all legal processes, transparent and above all honest. This makes DSL Professional Corporation one of the most sought after personal injury law firm in Canada.