Motor Cycle Accident Lawyers in Toronto

Many Canadians love speed and the sense of freedom in riding motorcycles. However, one thing for sure is that the thrill from this activity can sometimes turn tragic. In fact there are many substantial dangers faced by enthusiasts of motorcycle riding more than you can imagine!

As a seasoned personal injury law firm, we have handled quite a number of motorcycle accidents and see much catastrophic a motorcycle accident can be probably due to lack of basic protective features available in other automobiles like cars and limited visibility and comparative physical instability. This leaves riders susceptible to severe injuries especially when broken traffic laws, alcohol and other drugs are involved.

No matter how careful you can be as a motorcycle rider, you are susceptible to mistakes of other road users including drivers and even pedestrians and vulnerable to severe injuries in case of an accident. Statistical reports actually reveal that motorcycle riders are 15% more likely to be involved in an accident despite their low numbers on the Canadian roads. What is more serious though is the fact that motorcycle riders are 14 times more likely to be killed if involved in an accident!

Improve your chances of a safe ride

Motorcycles are considered to be more dangerous than cars for obvious reasons. However, with some safety tips, you can greatly boost your chances of a safe ride.

  • Drive with confidence- many riders are involved in motorcycle accidents simply because they lack the confidence to be on the road. Besides getting a motorcycle license after passing a driving test, take your time to gain confidence in driving before finally getting to the highway.
  • Wear proper safety gear- this should the first rule of motorcycle riding. Helmets are some of the most crucial protective gear for motorcycles which can greatly reduce severe injuries to the head. Leg guards, proper footwear, sturdy jackets, eye protection and gloves are other essential protective gear that should be worn to reduce the impact in case of an accident.
  • Don’t drink and drive- drunk driving is one of the common causes of accidents on the roads in Canada today. As a motorcycle rider, you need to be alert and sober all the time hence the need to not drink and drive in order to keep you alive.
  • Boost your visibility- it is true that visibility matters. Ensure your headlights are on at all times of the day as well wear a reflective gear. Having a windshield can as well be crucial in this case.
  • Strictly follow traffic rules- all traffic rules are there for a reason and therefore observing them will save your life. Do not over-speed or swap lanes mindlessly as this may lead to your grave!

Well, this was a good bite for riders of course. But, regardless of observing the various safety tips discussed here, an accident may be inevitable.

How motorcycle accident lawyers can help

Immediately you are involved in a motorcycle accident and believe that it was as a result of another person’s negligence, it is imperative that you seek legal guidance. Toronto motorcycle accident lawyers will be crucial to pursue the case on your behalf to guarantee maximum compensation possible. Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation is a renowned and reputable personal injury law firm based in Toronto to step in to help you with your case. Our skilled and experienced motorcycle accident lawyers have handled thousand of cases that involve motorcycle accidents resulting in severe injuries sustained by the victims. They will work closely with you to determine the details of the accident and of course help you to obtain maximum compensation all without a single penny in upfront fees.

Overwhelming legal documentation in motorcycle accident cases

There is of course a lot that goes into establishing the exact damages in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. Without through and accurate documentation, Insurance company lawyers may water down your case diminishing the amount of compensation or even worse getting denied your accident benefits. With the help of seasoned motorcycle accident lawyers, proper documentation including lost income, physical and emotional pain is presented to demonstrate the true amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

Remember motorcycle accident cases, like any other injury claim, require meticulous documentation supported by specific facts and witness accounts as well as expert testimony. It is for this reason that you need to align yourself with a seasoned personal injury lawyer to work with other experts like physicians, accident reconstruction professional and engineers among others to clearly explain ad quantify your case. This is the most crucial part of any case that makes the difference in your ability to secure maximum accident benefits.

Talk to our lawyers at Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation to provide you with the peace of mind during your recovery process. It is your right to demand fair compensation from insurers and other responsible parties. However, to be able to secure maximum compensation, you need a professionally seasoned personal injury lawyer.