Long Term Disability Benefits

Have you sustained injuries and can no longer work? If yes, then you are entitled to short or long term disability benefits to replace your income during the time you will be away from work. However, you need to understand that only those covered under a disability plan can qualify for such benefits. If your employer provides these benefits the better, but you can as well buy the plan privately on your own from renowned disability insurance providers spread out across Canada. For instance in Ontario, Manulife, Sun Life and Great West Life among others are some of the common disability insurance providers.

You can actually imagine the kind of inconvenience long lasting or permanent injury can cause in your life; can’t take part in your favorite pastimes, can’t visit your friends or even go to work to earn a living! The fear for such instances has indeed prompted many Ontarians and Canadians in general to get long term disability covers. With the help of long term injury lawyers ad medical professionals, you can actually get compensation that will get your live back in control.

A long term disability lawyer will represent you whenever you are severely injured or ill that you can no longer work. Depending with the terms of agreement with your long term disability insurance company, you will be able to get a certain percentage of your pre-injury income to cover for medical bills, rehabilitative and home care among other expenses.

Types of injuries that will qualify you for disability benefits

There are actually no specific types of injuries that qualify one for long term disability benefits; everything literally depends with the type of cover you purchased from your insurance company. The bottom line however is that any kind of injury that will cause severe physical disability like paralysis, paraplegia and quadriplegia among others automatically qualify you for compensation by your insurance company. These forms of disability may be as a result of car accidents, motor cycle or bicycle accidents, boating accidents and slip and fall accidents among others.

Other chronic illnesses and disabilities including chronic pain may also be considered for compensation since they can as well disrupt your ability to work for a long period of time. In such circumstances, you can also file a claim for long term disability benefits just like in the case of physical injuries. Physical and mental injuries are often so severe and agonizing especially in terms of recovery which often results in undue financial pressure. At Da Silva Legal Services, we perfectly understand what you are going through and offer the best personal injury legal help. Our experienced long term disability lawyers will provide you with the best legal representation and fight hard on your behalf and your recoveries.

What to do after an injury

Do you claim to have sustained either physical or psychological injuries as a result of negligence or wrong doing of a person, company, government agency or entity? You should contact a personal injury law firm immediately. Insurance disputes and long term disability claims can be so complicated and costly especially when you have little or no legal understanding of how the cases are handled. For this reason, contacting an experienced long term disability lawyer will be crucial. Our professional legal professionals have several years of experience helping severely injured Ontarians and victims from other parts of Canada. To overcome the legal tactics employed by most insurance companies, you simply need to retain an experienced personal injury lawyer who has experience maneuvering through the legal challenges and battles so that you can be awarded long term disability benefits to replace your lost income.

Tough legal process

Many times, victims of serious physical and psychological injuries get denied long term disability benefits due to one reason or another including incomplete, inaccurate or applications that are not in order. In order to remedy this, you need to consult with an experienced long term disability attorney who will help you in every step of the legal process. Remember insurance companies have tricky arguments that can get your claim denied. Some may even claim your doctor is not approved by the company or you exceeded the application time and so many other crazy arguments only to ensure your claim is denied.

Long term disability claims can be tough and tricky. Above all, tough and tricky arguments by insurance company lawyers, it is likely that your claim will be refuted unless you have a professional and experienced lawyer to battle out with them. Personal injury lawyers from a renowned personal injury law firm like DSL perfectly understand the tactics preferred by insurance companies and have the best strategies of countering their arguments so that the case is determined in your favor.

Besides everything, a long term disability lawyer will apply various legal tactics based on the unique circumstances of your case to ensure successful compensation. This may include mediation, arbitration and representing you in court if the case goes into full hearing.