Dog Bites

Animal attacks are common causes of serious physical and emotional consequences. Dog bites are among the leading animal attacks in Canada but many people continue to suffer in silence. The good news is that you now have a chance to fight for your justice and obtain fair financial compensation. Our top notch Toronto dog bite lawyers are here to help you.

Following the unfortunate attack by a neighbor’s dog, you must have incurred a lot in terms of medical bills, lost wages among other losses associated with the dog bite injuries. Turning to skilled Toronto personal injury law firm for the best legal representation will make the difference in your case since you get a chance to be represented by experienced dog bite lawyers who understand your concerns and ready to help you through the process of your recovery.

Establishing liability as regards to dog bites

In Ontario, Canada, the Dog Owner’s Liability Act was established to help protect public safety and dog bite victims. The law clearly puts liability for damages resulting from dog bites or attacks on the owner of the dog. In case the dog belongs to more than one person, then the owners share the liability for the attack.

Even though the own did not act in a negligent manner, they are still held liable for the harms caused by their dog’s attack on other people. However in the event the owner of the dog proves that someone’s actions and negligence contributed to the attack, the charges may be reduced. This may include instances of someone provoking the dog or trespassing on the property of the dog owner.

The established Dog Owner’s Liability Act is important in establishing fault in a dog bite attack claim however, that doesn’t guarantee compensation from the owner. In order to build a strong argument based on legal facts about dog bites and who should be held liable, a dog bite lawyer in Toronto may come in handy to pursue your case ensuring the dog’s owner is held financially responsible for their dog’s attack on a another person.

What to do immediately after a dog bite attack

In Ontario alone, reports from local medical officers of health indicated more than 5,000 dog bites in the year 2009. Most of the cases were attributed to poor training and negligence on the part of the dogs’ owners. This is according to the Dog Owner’s Liability Act which states that the dog owner is the party at fault in any dog bite irrespective of any circumstances. In the event you are involved in a dog bite attack, it is advisable to report to the right authorities then proceeding to protect your right to financial compensation by contacting a professional Toronto dog bite lawyer.


Dog bite attacks usually result in both physical and psychological damages. In many cases, attacks from dogs have resulted in phobia for dogs among other psychological traumas. In Toronto dog bite damages have been classified into two categories i.e. the general damages and special damages. While general damages deal with pain and suffering as a result of dog bites, special damages involve loss of income in terms of medical bills and other expenses following the attack. In legal environments these are referred to as pecuniary claims whereby if a person has not incurred any extra expenses after an attack from a dog and he/she doesn’t work, then the person may not qualify for compensation.

Contacting a professional Toronto dog bite lawyer is thus crucial to put everything into perspective before rushing to file a claim which might end up being thrown out. Dog bites are lethal and may demand for immediate medical attention to prevent such serious effects of dog bites as sepsis, meningitis, tetanus and endocarditis among other serious infections. It is for this reason that you are advised to seek immediate medical attention after a dog bite then afterwards contacting your dog bite lawyer to guide you in filing for a dog bite claim having in mind all the necessary details that address the extent of damage and sustained injuries.