Toronto Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injury can be said to be one of the most devastating form of injury following an accident. It is for this reason that it is classified under catastrophic injuries. When you or your family member experiences any form of catastrophic injury, it is usually considered as the worst moment due to the many challenges the victims and their families have to go through.

Since the entire legal process seems to be quite tricky and difficult at the same time, all brain injury victims are advised to seek the services of a personal injury lawyer to provide them with the needed support and skillful legal representation that will guarantee maximum compensation.

Determining compensation and filing for a brain injury claim

Many people who have been involved in serious accidents that may have resulted in catastrophic injuries including brain injury contact our personal injury law firm questioning about their rights to take legal action against the person(s) believed to be at fault or how to go about seeking compensation from specific insurance companies. In short, many wish to know what options are available for them when it comes to compensation for brain injuries.

In case you are not the one at fault during an accident, be it motor vehicle accident, motorcycle, ATV accident, pedestrian accident or any other form of accident, you always have two options for recovery; accident benefits and tort claim.

In the case of accident benefits, you only need to understand when and how to file for the claim regardless of whether you are the one at fault or not. Most of the accidents require filing within 30 days of receiving the application and this is very crucial to always keep in mind. In the event that your case is approved, you will be compensated according to the arguments of your brain injury lawyer. You must however be aware of the tough and opposing insurance company lawyers who will always attempt to classify your injuries as being minor so that you can be denied compensation or simply accorded the least possible settlement.

This is where our professional personal injury lawyers come in to ensure you get the best possible compensation that will cater for your needs and those of your family so as to avoid undue financial constraints. With your best interest in mind, compassion and crucial legal knowledge, Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation lawyers offer to provide you with the best practical guidance and vital crucial access to medical and rehabilitative care necessary for the period you will be struggling through recovery.

When it comes to seeking legal help associated with brain injury and other catastrophic injuries, you must always go for the best possible and available option. We have been rated as among the best Canadian personal injury law firms with the highest success score when it comes to client representation and ability to secure maximum compensation possible.

For over 20 years that we have been in operation, we are dedicated to providing the best possible legal advice and insightful counsel that will ensure your rights and benefits are protected at all times. Whether you will be interested on settling your personal injury outside the court system or have it in full hearing, our competent and professional lawyers will always be available to serve as your representation.

Contact a brain injury lawyer today

Our personal injury lawyers are specialized in a number of areas pertaining personal injury. Brain injury is one of such crucial areas and partnering with our highly experienced lawyers would be your first step to freedom from financial constraints among other challenges faced by catastrophic injury victims.

We understand the various personal, health and financial challenges that come as a result of head trauma and brain injury. These being injuries that may take years to resolve, you need to be properly compensated to ensure you lead a normal life throughout your recovery period. Do not be afraid or worried about the complex and lengthy legal process and related insurance policies; get in touch with us and our professional personal injury lawyers will guarantee that your concerns are represented as you take your time to focus on your recovery process.

Working with the best professionals that understand how personal injury law is applied in advancing your claim for the best possible compensation is all you need to get your life back on track. Once you are injured, chances are high that you may not be able to work thus affecting your financial flow in a big way thus becoming a burden to both you and your family. Since we don’t want to add to the financial constraints that you are already going through, we offer to provide you with the best legal representation all for free until you are fully compensated.

This is what is known as the contingency arrangement whereby payment for the legal services provided is made after the case is won. Otherwise, if the case is lost, then you do not owe us anything.