Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle riding can be a lot fun and at the same time been recommended as a perfect way of exercising the body for a healthy living. With the environmental awareness campaigns on top gear, you will hear how important it is to reduce carbon emissions to the environments as a result of fuels machines on our roads. Whichever the reason why you are cycling, it can even be as a result of the high cost of owning a car or using public means of transport, the activity comes with its own risks.

May be the roads are not perfect for cycling, no dedicated paths for cycling or simply inconsiderate drivers on the road without forgetting the annoying pedestrians; all these can be a recipe for bicycle accidents.

If you have been involved in a bike accident, then you understand how devastating and confusing it can be especially if you are trying to file for compensation for the injuries sustained. Talking of Ontario, Canada, the rules for filing accident benefits are strict on timelines with the requirement to inform your insurance company within 7 days of the crash and just 30 days to file for accident benefits after receiving the application. What this means is that you need to act with speed as soon as you are involved in the accident.

Regardless of the magnitude of the accident, you need to take immediate steps to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for the physical injuries sustained and any other personal losses incurred. Talking to a Toronto bicycle accident lawyer would be vital to pursue your case as you focus on recovering from the injuries sustained during the accident.

Complexities of filing a claim

Once involved in a bicycle accident, that is when all the woes follow you. On one hand you are fighting hard to a faster recovery while on the other hand you are faced with the challenge of filing for compensation which is receiving tough opposition from your insurance company lawyers.

When this is the situation, you are only left with one option; seeking professional legal help from skilled personal injury lawyers who work hard to help you in seeking the highest amount of compensation possible. In case, you as the cyclist are not at fault in the accident, a non-fault accident benefits and tort claim are included.

Usually accident benefits are available regardless of who is at fault and this may include up to $50,000 in medical and rehabilitation benefits, up to $400 weekly income replacement benefits and up to $3,000 monthly attendant care benefits up to a maximum of $36,000. In the event you are not employed at the time of the accident, you will qualify for a non-earner benefit of $185 per week. Of course these are just the basic compensation plans with additional benefits included in case you suffer catastrophic injuries like traumatic brain injury and paralysis.

Speaking with a professional bicycle accident lawyer will enable you to understand the various accident benefits that are available and get advice on what you can expect from your claim. This may also include a tort claim whereby your personal injury lawyer will advise on how to go about filing a lawsuit against the negligent party. If the claim is successful, then the other party will be forced to compensate you for medical care, pain and suffering, lost income and other related expenses.

A final complexity of bicycle accidents is the fact that bicycles in India are considered to be pedestrians for purposes of legal actions. In this case, if you are hit by a car then you are not the one to prove negligence on the part of the driver but rather the driver of the car disproving the fact that they are at fault. This is referred to as reverse onus in legal terms.

Contact a Toronto bicycle accident lawyer immediately

It is crucial to contact a bicycle accident lawyer immediately you are involved in an accident so as to help protect your rights as an injured cyclist. The legal professional will be tasked to investigate the circumstances under which the accident occurred so that the at-fault party is held liable in tort claims.

Our highly experienced bicycle accident lawyers at Da Silva Legal Services Professional Corporation are well versed with Canadian bike laws and rights. They are ready to use the knowledge and experience to help you in pursuing your case for full and fair compensation for injuries sustained and losses incurred as a result of the bicycle accident you are involved in. while you focus on recovery, let a team of seasoned personal injury lawyers take up your case and ensure you get the best compensation possible to cater for your medical bills, rehabilitation care and other expenses necessary.