ATV Accident Lawyer

ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicles. These include dune buggies, ATVs with no more than 3 wheels with handlebars controlling the steering and a driver’s seat and ATVs with four wheels and mainly used for utility applications like farming. These have handlebars for steering and a driver’s seat. The three categories are actually among the most common vehicles in Canada these days used mostly during the summer season.

It is interesting to see drivers hopping on their ATVs and scooting around their personal properties and farms after a long wait through the winter season.

What is more surprising is the increasing number of accidents associated with these vehicles each year according to a report by the Canadian Institute of Health Information. ATV accidents are now said to be the most common cause of physical injury!

Just like in any other automobile accident, ATV accident victims may be eligible for compensation hence the need to contact a reputable Toronto personal injury law firm for the most qualified ATV accident lawyers to help you in getting the kind of compensation you deserve.

Basic rules for ATVs in Canada

If you own an ATV, then you must be interested to know some of the rules for driving such machines. Some of them include;

  • Obey speed limits
  • Passengers not allowed
  • Must have a clear view from any angle
  • You must carry your ATV insurance
  • Towing of trailers is allowed
  • Do not drink or use drugs and drive
  • Always wear motorcycle helmets

These rules are basically meant to reduce the chances of getting involved in an accident. However, in case you did not observe one or more of them and were involved in an accident, you are still entitled to fair compensation for the injuries sustained. You must however talk to a professional ATV accident lawyer to help you.

Accident insurance

From the look of things, ATV accidents are treated more or less the same as normal vehicle accidents. That is why insurance for ATVs is considered no-fault just as is the case with motor vehicles. What this means is that all injured victims will have to file for accident benefits through their own insurance companies.

On the other hand, if the injured party is not at fault for the accident, then they can as well file a lawsuit for the injuries sustained, pain and suffering against the person considered to be at fault. In the event that an accident occurs and the driver who is not the owner of the ATV is injured, the own will still be responsible and will have to go through their own insurance company.

Interestingly, insurance for ATVs is not mandatory especially if the vehicle is driven within the confines of the owner’s property. Until when the ATV is going to leave the property, no insurance may be needed but once it leaves, a valid insurance is needed. You may as well contact your local ATV accident lawyer to guide you on how exactly insurance applies to your ATV.

Compensation for injuries

Depending with the severity of the ATV accident, the injuries sustained may vary in terms of severity. Some of the serious scenarios of ATV accidents result in serious bone fractures, quadriplegia and paraplegia among other effects.

As a result of such effects, an ATV accident victim may apply for compensation for loss of current and future income, loss of guidance and care to dependants in the event the accident results in wrongful death and medical bills among other expenses. In order to maneuver through the complexities of legal procedures involved in ATV accidents, it is crucial to seek the services of a professional Toronto ATV accident lawyer.

Why you need an ATV accident lawyer

It always proves to be very difficult in obtaining compensation for pain and suffering resulting from ATV accidents because of the strict limits set out and potential deductibles involved. In short, this area of law dealing with ATVs is quite complicated in a way. Only professional ATV accident lawyers familiar with the complexities of such cases can help in guiding you on how you can get maximum compensation that you deserve.