Accident Benefits Claim

Regardless of who is at fault when involved in a motor vehicle accident, you can seek accident benefits which are sometimes called “no-fault” benefits. Our professional and experienced lawyers at Da Silva Legal services will help in advancing your accident benefits claim as well as guiding you and your family on how to go about the complications of the legal processes involved before your recovery. We have our accident benefits lawyers based in different parts of the Province of Ontario including Toronto, Burlington, Ajax, Brampton, Georgetown, Guelph, London, Kingston, Hamilton and Durham among many other places. Our professional experts will serve as your trusted legal advisors in every issue related to personal injury law and litigation.

How To Guarantee entitlement to your car Accident Benefits

In order to file for an accident benefits claim, you will need first to notify your insurance company as soon as you are involved in the accident. If you are not insured yourself, notify the insurance company of the other vehicle involved in the accident.

The second step is to complete the Application for Accident benefits (OCF-1) as well as some other forms depending on your situation. These forms include one indicating your income loss completed by your employer and another substantiating your car accident injuries completed by your family physician or other doctor.

In case you are self employed, you will need to substantiate your income for you to file the accident benefits claim. This may require an accountant to ascertain your income values.

In some car accident benefits claims processes, a sworn statement may be required by the insurance company regarding the circumstances under which the accident happened and the injuries you sustained.

Guidelines for Car Accident Benefits Claims

  • Your loss of income benefit or Income Replacement Benefit (IRB) is equivalent to 70% of your gross income from employment. This amounts to a maximum of $400.00 per week.
  • The amount above is payable for two years following the accident if you remain to be substantially unable to perform your duties at the work place. The income replacement benefit will therefore continue to be paid for as long as you remain to suffer from the accident injuries and most likely not able to take part in any employment task for which you rightly qualify to be employed based on your education qualifications, training and experience.
  • If you were unemployed at the time of the accident for instance in school, the benefit you will claim changes. If you cannot carry on your life as you normally did, you will be entitled to a Non-Earner Benefit in the amount of $185.00 a week. The insurance company has 4 week grace period in which they do not have to pay Non-Earner Benefits.
  • There is a Caregiver Benefit payable if you have sustained a Catastrophic Impairment and can no longer care for your dependents. Caregiver benefits are $250.00 for the first person in need of care and $50.00 for each additional person. You cannot receive Income Replacement Benefits and Caregiver Benefits at the same time.
  • Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits are available to you to help pay for expenses related to the accident. Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits, sometimes called Med/Rehab Benefits, are used to pay for expenses such as physiotherapy, prescriptions, psychotherapy, chiropractic, massage, surgery, ambulance and many others. Rehabilitation consists of reintegration into employment or self-employment, and family and social life.
  • If you require extra care or assistance in your daily activities, you may be entitled to attendant care benefits in the amount of not more than $3,000 a month if your injuries are NOT catastrophic in nature an $6,000 if you have sustained catastrophic injuries.
  • The total amount of Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care Benefits can not be more than $65,000 if you injuries are NOT catastrophic and $1,000,000 if your injuries are catastrophic in nature.
  • If you were a student at the time of the accident and can no longer continue with your studies due to the injuries you suffered in the accident, you may be entitled to Lost Educational Expense. This benefit is limited to $15,000.
  • Funeral expense benefit claims are limited to $6,000
  • Death Benefits are paid to the family in the event of a death. A Death Benefit of $25,000 is paid to the deceased’s spouse with an additional $10,000 to all the dependants of the deceased.

Helping you through to recovery after a motor vehicle accident

The period after an accident can be quite traumatizing to both you and your family. We understand the physical, emotional and financial constraints you go through during such stressful times in one’s life; that is why we provide you with the necessary support and legal guidance as pertains to your motor vehicle accident benefit claim among other crucial aspects like rehabilitation care and counseling services for you and your family.

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Contact Da Silva Legal Services to book your free consultation and a team of professional accident injury lawyers and personal injury lawyers will be there to help you on your road to recovery after a car accident. With many years of professional experience, our legal experts have specialized in various areas of accident benefit claims and personal injury law so you need not to worry about your car accident benefits. All aspects of insurance policies, pertinent legislation and case presentation are perfectly mastered by our team to guarantee you the maximum compensation that you deserve!